Darren1Darren Greer is the author of four novels and a book of essays. His novel Still Life With June was the winner of the 2004 Relit Award in Canada, a top three finalist for the Ferro-Grumley award in Manhattan, and was nominated for the Pearson Canada Readers’ Choice Award. Still Life with June and Strange Ghosts were also listed in Terry Rigelhof’s book Hooked on Books: The Good, the Better and the Best Canadian Novels since 1984. His novel, Just Beneath My Skin was short-listed for the Jim Connors Dartmouth Book Award, the 2015 ReLit award, and won the 2015 Thomas H Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award. His latest novel Advocate  was short-listed for the 2017 Thomas H. Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award, the 2017 Ferro-Grumley Award and won the Jim Connors Dartmouth Book Award. His poetry, journalism and short fiction has been published in The Gay and Lesbian Harvard Review, The Stockholm Review of Literature, Bywards Magazine, The Found Poetry Review, The Ottawa Citizen, Found Press, and Maclean’s Magazine. His fourth novel, Advocate, is forthcoming from Cormorant Books in May of 2016. You can contact him directly at darren.greer3@gmail.com


All header graphics on this site are details from the work of Quebec artist Rita Letendre.  All copyright reserved by the artist.


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