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When his best friend goes missing, a man already haunted by the disappearance of his brother twenty-five years earlier begins to think the elaborate game he’s been drawn into is more than just a game.

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Outcast is a smart, quick-moving drama based on the conceit of
a game and its fictional content becoming unnervingly real. In his
depiction of the city and the central character’s insecurities, Greer
delivers a Ballardian atmosphere of ordinary landscapes made
perverse and unreliable, and of the fatalism of private experience.”

— Michael Kaan, award-winning author of The Water Beetles

“Nietzsche and art students, humour and intrigue collide in this
‘existential detective story’ about a missing brother. Outcast is
alive with Darren Greer’s signature wit – a wild ride full of
twisted codes and their singular brand of intelligence.”

–Carol Bruneau, award-winning author of These
Good Hands and A Bird On Every Tree

“As a writer and reader, there is no greater satisfaction than watching
the implausible become woven into plausibility by the hands of
a master craftsman. Darren Greer’s brilliant Outcast is as infectious
as a zombie virus, as intriguing as an Alberti code. I finished the last
page convinced that the whole book is a code, and that I, like the main
character, was being tested. You will feel the same. Will you pass and
be chosen by the outcasts, or will you fail and remain one of the herd,
as 99% of us do? There’s only one way to find out… read Outcast.

–William Kowalski, Internationally best-selling, award-winning
author of Eddie’s Bastard and The Best Polish Restaurant in Buffalo